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“Whenever I need fast, reliable help and expertise, I turn to Charlotte Techsupport. They cover technology from A-Z, so I only have to deal with one company for all my home and business computer/audio/video help. Their range is unsurpassed.”
Skipper Beck
Beck Automotive Group

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When we were kids, we were hooked on "The Jetsons."
We’re even bigger gadget freaks today. Just ask our family and friends…

Home, office and mobile technologies have come a long way since we were kids, so we figured there ought to be multi-tech specialists by now -- somewhere.

We Googled and got nothing. Then we realized we were searching for ourselves. We may be the first multi-tech support company in the country. This surprised us as much as it might surprise you.

But, with over 40 years combined team experience in computers, audio, video, automation, security and construction (and over 100,000 residential projects and 30,000 commercial projects under our belts), we thought it was high time to launch such a company -- Charlotte Techsupport.

So, we put together an expert team of consultants and technicians. 100% in-house, fully certified and insured. We’re local -- and proud of that, too.

We do everything from managing your office network to teaching you more geek tricks than your kids know to custom designing your home theater. All at friendly pricing.

As we grow, we won’t forget where we came from or what’s important -- our customers, employees, friends and families.

And we still like George Jetson’s flying car…

Tony Shannon
Founder, Charlotte Techsupport

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