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“Charlotte Techsupport saved me $5000.
My industry was recommending a $7000 software solution, but Charlotte Techsupport found me a better solution for $2000”

Larry Good
Charles Tobacco Company

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PC / Server Monitoring

Are there guardian angels in cyberspace?
Do you have one?

Our remote system monitoring is your guardian angel. Taps you on the shoulder and says: "Hey, wake up! I smell something burning. It could be tech hell."

Or: "Relax. Everything is cool. Stop staring at me and get back to work." Or back to your hard-earned vacation...

Your guardian angel can monitor every Windows-based desktop, laptop and server in your organization. With loving care, every day and night, for the life of your business. With otherworldly devotion to preventing, detecting and tackling your problems.

She'll inventory your hardware and software assets. She'll verify that system resources, network access and anti virus software are all available and working properly. And report with a smile at the touch of your fingertip. She may even whisper some sweet nothings of tech wisdom in your ear...

Whenever there's the slightest whiff of danger in the air, she'll alert you, your IT administrator or support service provider (that could be us, she whispers, in case you're shopping) via a handy pop-up window or email. And you thought angels only had wings...

Remote system monitoring gives you protection and peace of mind. Call us for a free demonstration.

  • Monitors your computers and servers around the clock.
  • Provides remote access to your computer and server information.
  • Provides up-to-date status reports on each computer and server.
  • Suggests ways to maximize your existing technology.
  • Alerts you to problems with system resources, network access and antiviral software.

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